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Modular Homes

Specializes in modular housing,an innovative alternative to the traditional method of building.We think modular housing makes a lot of sense because it offers fast,green, practical housing solutions in a creative integrated lifestyle package.
Our  focus has been on creating a modern home which embraces our love and concern for our environment, provides practical elements that make any house functional and a delight to live in and has an incredibly fast construction time. Integration of these key elements has caused us to look beyond traditional build methods and materials.


We believe that housing should get better with time and this has been a priority for our company to ensure that our homes:

  • should be delightful to live in (open living, quality finishes and fittings with excellent temperature control)
  • should be indestructible (protect us from the natural elements including cyclones and earthquakes)
  • should be energy efficient (saving precious energy resources as well as saving money)
  • should be eco-friendly (using sustainable building materials and ability to be self sufficient whilst enhancing the environment aesthetic)
  • should be available fast (less than a week to assemble on site)
  • should allow for versatility (one, two or four bedroom designs suitable for urban or rural locations)
  • should allow for flexibility (homes can be easily relocated as they are easy to transport if your circumstances change)
  • should be great value for money (initial purchase cost and maintenance as most replacement parts being interchangeable from your local hardware store like Bunnings)
  • should be an integrated package (ready to live in -fully furnished; pre-wired and pre-plumbed, and with kitchenappliances and bathroom fixtures as well as the ability to allow for furniture packageoptions - a one stop home)

To this end, our Research and Development team for the past five (5) years have been working closely
with Australian and New Zealand design professionals to manufacture a high quality, code compliant range of homes which we are delighted to offer to you.